Saturday, 1 September 2012

MOCB - Convoy Capers

This scenario came about as a result of an email exchange over on the RFCM Yahoo site.

This scenario deals with US convoy operations in either the Farmland or Lowlands game options. The aim is for the US player to escort a convoy from short edge to short edge. As usual the VC player should not know the US player’s intent.

The game set-up starts with the US player choosing the convoy mission at Step 8.1. The VC choose 150 points of troops and liabilities. The US player has 150 points to spend on the convoy’s trucks and stores and 150 points to pay for the escort force. The points values for this scenario are:

4 – 8 US trucks @ 8 Points

(Truck must carry a minimum of 2 stores markers, maximum of 4)

2+ High Value stores @18 Points

(Spare parts and ammo for the air cavalry squadron)

2+ Medium Value stores @12 Points

(Gasoline and rations)

2+ Low Value stores @ 6 Points

(Concertina wine and defence stores)

US points for the Armoured car are reduced (amendment to points value for all scenarios) to @20 Points with the ARVN cost dropped to @15 Points. (The AC then costs the same as the M113 which is comparable in firepower, protection and mobility)

US/ARVN Jeep @4 Points

As above with HMG @15/10 Points

Special Rules

Firstly Mike and Elite only forces cannot be used for this scenario. The US player may only choose ARVN or the standard US troops option.

If a truck is immobilised or destroyed it counts as a US zone marker. The US stores are only placed on table if a VC base moves into contact with the truck. The US player places stores markers in exactly the same way as the VC player would and searches are carried out in exactly the same manner but swapping US and VC responsibilities.

HMG armed jeeps may move and fire however deduct –1/-2/-3 if moving cautiously/normal/rapid.

The US player cannot call for any sort of support until the first VC zone has been activated.

Optional Rules

Replace one VC random event card with the “A Vehicle Commander . . . . “

Victory Points

Points Allocation

Convoy Caper
Each VC base killed but not captured 14
Each VC base captured by US forces 18
Each High Value stores lost -20
Each Medium Value stores lost -15
Each Low Value stores lost -10
Each Air strike that overlaps a village -20
Each Artillery strike that overlaps a village -10
Each air or artillery strike that arrives 0
Each US group killed but not captured(+8 if Company Commander) -20
Each US body captured by VC(+10 if Company Commander) -30
Each Peasant base killed by US forces -2
Each ARVN/Mike base killed -15
Each truck that reaches its destination 10
Each truck destroyed or immobilised -5

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