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MOCB - House Rules

These are some unofficial house rules I came up with for use with "Men Of Comany B" rules by Peter Pig.

4.1 Air and Arillery Strikes
"The player will need Six 3" by 3" cards for an artillery strike. The US player will also need six 3" by 6" cards for his airstrike." One of the VC cards is to add 2 cards to the air or artillery strike.
7.2 VC Points
Bunker or Trench system (provides cover for 2 groups) 10 Points
Bunkers and Trenches. These are placed on the table once a zone is activated as if they were VC. They remain on the table until they are destroyed. They do not disappear if a zone is deactivated. Each Bunker of trench accommodates 2 foot groups, including Heavy weapons. The occupants gain an additional modifier to their shooting and receive an additional modifier to fire directed against them.
A bunker is destroyed on a 3 pin result. If a US tunnel rat squad is adjacent to the bunker and is not killed or pinned this is reduced to a 2 pin result.
Local VC porters must be set up in the zone. They do not move in the turn they appear. They move using the normal VC movement procedure. If they are contacted by a US ground element they may not move and may be interrogated where upon they are removed from play and added to the US victory points total.

10.1 Type of Stores
6= High value stores (radio or documents) found, counter removed.
"If the appropriate value stores are not present in that zone then on of lower value can be substituted by the VC player from whatever stores he does have in the zone."
If a zone is deactivated, all stores which are not in contact with a US group disappear. (The current rule section only covers what happens in an activated zone)

12.3 VC/Mike Movement
"A score of 1 means that it cannot move that turn. A score of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 means that the VC/Mike group can ignore any movement restrictions usually caused by the template." (This is just to tidy up movement rules and use the same pass/fail criteria that the US player uses)
12.4 Getting in and out of Vehicle and Helicopters
13.1 Ranges
SA range increased to 10"
Flamethrower range decreased to 4"
Snipers have the same range as HMG
Gunships have the same range as tanks.
13.2 Modifiers
+1 Firing from Bunker/Trench
+1 AA Gun firing at foot or vehicle group
*+2 Firer is tank (Not Sheridan Beehive or M42 Duster)
+2 Quad 50
+2 AA Gun firing at Helicopter
+3 Firer is Beehive round/M42 Duster or Vulcan
*-1 Poor visibility (Night Time) Unless equipped with NOD
-1 Target is vehicle
-1 Firing into Bunker/Trench
-2 Target is Light Armour (PT-76, M41, ONTOS, M113, ACAV, AMTRAC, Ac,Armd Truck, Sheridan or M42)
-3 Target is Medium Armour M48 or T55
13.3 Results of firing
Personnel Vehicles/Helicopters
+5 = Target Pinned
+6 = Target Dead +6 = Target Pinned
+7 = Target Immobilized
+8 = Target Destroyed
A group which is immobilized is also pinned. It may not move for the remainder of the game.
If the target is a helicopter it is to be moved immediately in a direction nominated by the VC, the US player rolls the movement dice dependant on its declared movement for this turn and the requisiste number of LIVE bases are placed on the table. The helicopter is then removed from play.

13.4 Groups in destroyed vehicles
"A score of 4 or 5 means that the group is OK, 6 means that the group is pinned. Units which are pinned in this manner do not suffer panic from casualties to elements travelling in the same vehicle.
14 Air strikes, Artillery strikes and Gunships
If using air cavalry, support gunships may not be requested until a zone has been activated.

14.1 Artillery Strikes
"The US player will need three 3" x 3" pieces of card for a normal artillery strike. This may be increased to six if the requisite random event card is played by the VC player"
14.2 Air Strikes
"The US player will need four 3" by 6" cards for a normal air strike. This may be increased to seven if the requisite random event card is played by the VC player"

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