Friday, 14 September 2012

1/600th Aircraft - Painting Guide - Luftwaffe 1940

For my 1940 era Luftwaffe Aircraft this is my starter method.
  • Undercoat white at this scale due to the need to preserve scale effect. Using a thin paint for the next layers gives you a slight shadow in the panel lines which you can then pick up with a wash later (GHQ Painting tip I found to be excellent. I cannot remember the last aircraft I painted with a Black Undercoat).
  • For lower fuselage I use GW Astronomican Grey from the Foundation paints.
  • Upper surfaces use a Field Grey for the RLM 02 Grey and currently I have some Tamiya Dark Green (XF-61) which I am using until some more Valejo paint arrives from Dom. I use GW Badab Black along the panel lines with 0 brush after the initial coats then add a little Vallejo Dark Sand to the Grey and recover. The Green is dark enough already
  • Cockpit and Glass areas use my tried and trusted method of Shadow Grey followed by a GW Badab Black wash then gone over again with Shadow Grey then Astronomican Highlights (I normally use Ghostly Grey but this has been discontinued for years so I needed to find a replacement).
  • Acrylic Varnish to give the Decals something to sink into
  • Apply Decals (use scissor and not a knife to cut out as you get a cleaner image)
  • Second coat of Acrylic Varnish to seal the decals
  • Dullcote to finish

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