Friday, 14 September 2012

1/600th Aircraft - Painting Guides - Nesher

My 1973 era Neshers painting guide

  • I undercoat the model white to start with.
  • Then I cover the upper surfaces with a thinned Vallejo Iraqi Sand
  • Then add the brown camouflage elements using GW Calthan Brown
  • Then add the green cam using GW Knarloc Green
  • Wash the model with Devlan Mud
  • Make a 50:50 mix of GW Blazing Orange and Iyanden Darksun and paint the triangles on wings and tail
  • Varnish the model
  • Apply the decals which are just black lines and numbers
  • Microsol the decals
  • Then taking the Iraqi sand again touch up all the sand areas to light and remove any orange peeping out from under the decals
  • Add Dom's Decals National Insignia
  • Varnish again to seal the decals in
  • Dullcote the whole thing
I thought about using the white decal paper but to be honest it is a lot thicker and as such doesn't sit well. Some people get on with it so it is a personal preference.

The tail art is trimmed pretty tight to fit and the serial number is part of one decal which made fitting a lot easier.

Again not quite finished. I have two more in progress which MIGHT have more done to them. The big black aerial looks way ott so might get removed completely or painted a more inconspicious colour

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