Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Downtown - CSAR Tactics

This is to look at CSAR tactics and how they apply not just to D12 but CSAR operations generally prior to the introduction of the A-7D Corsair II.

D12 Specifics

First up then is D12. In real life the rescue wasn't made and the SARTF was driven off by a combination of SAMs, AAA and MiGs. D12 is no different. AAA surrounds the pick up hex. The DRV-1 unit is in the same hex as the crew and there is a SAM battalion to be dealt with. The DRV could have up to 3 flights of MiGs in total but are limited to 2 Flights at any one time (by the solo rules). From turn 7 onwards the DRV start rolling for crew capture (5 or less on 2d10) which is a 10% chance per turn if my math is correct. This means the US flight route is pretty limited in order to get in before the pilot is captured.

 Flight Characteristics

With the Sandy's at Speed 2 and the HH-53C at 1 it is normally pretty obvious to the DRV which is the Helicopters. The CAP is easily identified. For us miniature gamers not too much of any issue as there isn't really any hidden placement. The Solo rules will make the SAM appear in the most disadvantagous way anyway. The AAA is also going to be on table to start with and will defend the target hex.

Entry Points

I can't see any point in using for the SAR mission any thing other than RED 1 for both ingress and egress with the time permitted. RED 2 could be used for the CAP flight to enable it to arrive over Yen Bai at the right time.

Deck, Low or Medium

The usual conundrum for the USAF exists, go in on the Deck and risk the inevitable AAA barrage which gains the +1 modifiers for the low and slow Skyraiders and Jollys but offers at least some defence against the SAM or risk Low/Medium (Medium for the Skyraiders only) avoiding the AAA ambushes but become subject to SAM shots without any RWR or Defensive jamming capability. Luckily you can stay on the Deck while over the rough karst terrain for the first 4 turns.

Rescue Support

All of the SARTF are rescue support (less the CAP obviously) which means that the Skyraiders can go after any valid target that is going to appear. With a bomb strength of 2 per aircraft (doubled with CBU) you can hit effectively 8 targets with a minimum of 2 points per 2 aircraft flight.

Bomb StrengthOne AircraftTwo Aircraft
0.5 12
1 24


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