Saturday, 1 September 2012

DT Variant - Lebanon 1983 - Scenario 3

Following the Suicide bombing of the US and French compounds the French Naval Avaition was again called to make a response.

10 Super Etendards were tasked to Strike targets in the Baalbeck region. 4 Other aircraft were specifically tasked against the HQ of the organisation deemed responsible for the bombing with Napalm.

Again converting this to DT/EV stats would have 2 - 4 Etendard Flights and a single Napalm equipped flight against Jihad-A;-Islami. Not too sure about escort and support aircraft yet so more to follow. Currently assuming that the USN EA-6B supported the strike and that Crusaders provided escort and CAP as normal.

Pre Raid

2 {1 Jamming} EA-6B

Main Raid

2 {2 SEAD} SEAD Super Etendard

2 {3 SEAD} SEAD Super Etendard

1 {4 Bombing} Bombing Super Etendard

4 {2 Armed Escort} Armed Escort Crusader

2 {2 CAP} CAP Crusader

Post Strike

1 {1 Recon}Recon Etendard IVP

1 {2 CAP} CAP Crusader


The French must attack a minimum of 2 ground targets one of which must be the Main HQ Building


The account mentions Flak and SA-7 as normal.

Optionally include 2 {4 CAP} CAP MiG-2?

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