Saturday, 1 September 2012

DT Variant - Lebanon 1983 - Scenarion 3A

The US had been preparing to Launch a strike on 17 September but this was stood down in the event of the French Naval aviation mission attacking the planned target. This scenario gives an option to play out the planned USS Dwight.D.Eisenhower mission against the target region. This is the mission that Dan has posted on the Yahoo group and other places which set the whole thing rolling.

This is the revised package of aircraft

The DT/EV conversion that Dan has come up with:

Pre Raid Forces

2 {1 Jamming} Jamming EA-6B

Main Raid Forces

2 {2 CAP) CAP F-14A (Callsign Dog)
4 {2 SEAD} SEAD A-6E (Callsign Tiger)
2 {2 CAP} CAP F-14A (Callsign Dakota)
4 {4 Bombing} Bombing A-7E (Callsigns Waldo & Ubangi)

Post Raid Forces
1 {2 Recon} Recon F-14A w/TARP pod (Callsign Dog)


In Dan's run through he used SAM batteries placed on the basis of Operation Mole Cricket 19 (Israeli) mainly along the Beruit-Damascus Highway. Flak and SA-7 are present as normal. Dan also used Syrian Arab Airforce MiGs to spice things up.


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