Saturday, 1 September 2012

DT Variant - Lebanon 1983

This is the start page for 1983 Lebanon Scenario work that has been discussed on the Yahoo Group.

In DT/EV flights are given specific missions which affects the profile of how they operate. It would appear that certain missions over Lebanon don't quite follow this model so there will be SSR and a degree of Fudge to get this to run properly. This as everything is WIP so please stand by

Scenario 1 - 19th September (French Strike)

Scenarion 1a - 22nd September 1983 Initial French Operations (Operation Olifant XVII)

Scenario 2 - 16th November (Israeli Air Strike Against Baalbeck)

Scenario 3 - 17th November Option 1 (French Strike)

Scenario 3a - 17th November Option 2 (USS Eisenhower Actual Strike)

Scenario 4 - 17th November Option 3 (USS Eisenhower Original Strike)

Scenario 5 - 17th November Option 1 (French Strike)

Scenario 6 - December ? (US TARPS Recon and MiG engagement)

Scenario 7 - 3rd December (Israeli Strike against Baalbeck)

Scenario 8 - 4th December (USS Strike Actual)

Scenario 9 - 4th December (USS Strike as orginally planned)

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