Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Feet Dry - Feet Wet (Part 4)

Colours 2011
This was the second outing of the game.  Pete Boon and my now 11 Year Old Son and I, worked over the two days running a slightly larger game than the previous year.  We had improved the markers as well as increasing the playing area.  Possibly a bit too ambitious to use as a demo but lesson learned.

Planning Markers for the USN Players to plot their route to the Target

 Looking down the Table from Haiphong

 Looking North across the Gulf of Tonkin towards Haiphong with Phantom ridge in the background

 Raid in Progress with the USN strike package looking to skirt around Haiphong and come down behind the ridge to the Target
The Professionals on the last day (IIRC)

I had done some refresh on the models from last years game and added some new A-7 corsairs

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