Saturday, 1 September 2012

MOCB - Additional Random Event Cards

These are some additional Random event cards I have developed for MOCB

  • A vehicle commander not only traverses his commander's hatch, but the whole turret and spooks the nearest VC marker into attempting a self activation   


1=US player nominates an additional zone to attempt self activation.
5,6=VC player may attempt to de activate any two zones. It may also be used to re roll for any failed de activation rolls

  •  “Hey Sarge, I’m down to my last Magazine!!!”.
Due to high US ammo use during a firefight the VC player nominates one US command to fire at –1 for this turn.


1=Resupply not forthcoming, the VC player nominates a command to fire at –2 for this turn
5,6=US re-supply arrives together with extra Frags. All US commands fire at +1 for this turn

  • A FNG collapses under the strain of all the extra kit he is humping.
One command can only move cautiously while his Squad leader sorts it out.


1=A FNG is bitten by Fire Ants and needs DUSTOFF. The US command cannot move this turn
5,6=A Slick, to carry the platoons rucks, appears at one table corner and is available until the VC player rolls for a successful gunship removal roll.

  • The Platoon Sergeant loses it in the village.
Any US squad in contact with a civilian must interrogate for two turns.


1=”Well he was running” – Conduct one SA fire at one civilian stand. Roll for collateral check on any civilian stands.
5,6=Civilian gives positive info on the contents of two zones.

  • The point man locates a tunnel entrance/bunker. 
All elements not moving cautiously must take a morale check to continue moving normally


1=VC player may place D6/2 groups within 6” of a US squad it nominates. These groups activate as normal
5,6=US player destroys the tunnel entrance/bunker and discovers High Value stores counter (capture as normal)

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