Saturday, 1 September 2012

MOCB - Larger Engagement Ideas


This scenario deals with the “larger” engagements. I have not finished play testing this so comments are extremely welcomed.
Force composition is 250 points for the US and 500 points for the VC player using normal points values. The other option is to allow “Historical” ORBATs if you have them. The game also uses the “Im Out of Ammo Sarge !!!” random event card. The US ignores the commands section and instead moves by platoons. The VC ignore their usual movement rule and use the same rapid/normal/cautious system as the US player.
The Zone markers are also used differently. To start with you need six. The other changes are that they are activated either by choice of the VC (without need to throw a D6) or by being in SA range of the US. Once activated the placement rectangle uses the normal 6 inch placement requirement but cannot be placed within SA range of US troops.. The last change is that once a zone marker is activated it cannot deactivate. Inactivated markers may continue to swop as normal.

Starting off the board is split into two areas 1/3 of it belongs to the US player for initial deployment the other 2/3 are for the VC players set up.
The VC Player places SIX zone markers in his 2/3 of the board using normal placement rules taking the imaginary line between the US and VC areas as a board edge. The VC player then rolls a D6 for each Company sized element or Battalion assets (or smaller organisations as long as you both agree). The score on the Dice relates to which zone marker those elements are allocated.
The US player then sets up all of his forces in his 1/3 but not within 12 inches of the 1/3 – 2/3 line. The US player then places the LZ Template (optional) in his area.
The game proceeds as normal except that zone markers are always on the table

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