Saturday, 15 September 2012

Great War - 1914+ German

The German 1914 Army starter was my first pack of WW1 figures from Pendraken.  The range is quite large and painting over a white undercoat meant I could snap them out in pretty rapid fashion.  Need to go back and see what hasn't been completed on these for GWSH but they have been used for Square Bashing a couple of times so cannot be much.

What I have haven't worked on yet is the Cavalry Division with attached Jaeger Battalions, that will be a separate post.

The Germans will be modelled on Francois I Corps divisions (1st and 2nd) on the Eastern Front in 1914. It will have sufficient extras to allows it to move to the Western Front and with the odd Helmet swop out be able to be used for 1916 based games. I have decided to paint 2nd Infantry Division first (not that it matters) so I can use it in the Gumbinnen Scenario.

Basic Infantry Battalion

Initial forces with some GWSH trench markers

The artillery formation less the 105mm Howitzer Battalions

Higher Command

GWSH command additions

Trench raiders which are added to indicate my professional rated formations

Divisional Cavalry.  Pendraken only do the Uhlan head gear and the Div Cavalry are Jager Zu Pferde.  I have tried some head swops but that is too time consuming to be able to complete a cavalry Division's worth


  1. Beautiful stuff Simon, absolutely beautiful!

  2. Shawn, thanks for the comments much appreciated. I had these in a box for a couple of years and couldn't get them started but once I did they just seemed to multiply