Saturday, 15 September 2012

Great War - 1916 British (Infantry)

Fielding a complete division for Square Bashing was relatively straight forward with the Pendraken figures.  Four bases make up a Battalion sized unit and it was relatively easy to make sure that the forces constructed could also be used for Great War Spearhead (GWSH)

I have tried to keep the bases pretty simple for this project and have only put small terrain items on a couple of bases spread across all the units.  I have plenty of spare bases which will gradually have additional detail modelled onto them (providing time and interest remains)

The Pendraken range for figures in Helmets is excellent with a mix of plain helmets and covers which meant painting was varied and kept my interest up.  These are the base figures from each of the four packs making up the bulk of the Division.

BP2 is the basic infantry pack with figures wearing the Shrapnel helmet which came into service in 1916. There are 3 poses in the pack, 1 Officer with pistol wearing an uncovered helmet, Infantryman at the High Porte with a covered helment, and an advancing infantryman with a plain helmet. Both Infantrymen have bayonets fitted..

BP37 is Infantry in Helment with a backpack normally worn during the assault. As with the GP23 Germans this is an addition pack so there are only two basic poses; One is a standing firing from the shoulder, wearing a covered helmet, the second is advancing at the high porte with an uncovered helmet. Again both figures have bayonets fitted.

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