Friday, 14 September 2012

Thud Ridge - Rules additions

No wargamer is every happy with a rule set they haven't written themselves or "modified" to reflect the odd inaccuracy. This game is no different as we will use this area to discuss some suggestions.

The DRV aircraft should ALL be equipped with afterburners and not just the MiG-21 and J-6.

Guided Weaponry
The rules as written allow for stand off weaponry for Anti Radiation Missiles. They do not permit the EOGB used by the USN or the LGB used to bring down the Paul Doumer and Thanh Hoa bridges by the USAF later in the war.

The following are suggestions for those wanting to use these weapons in the game:

LGB - The only aircraft capable of carrying LGB are the USAF F-4 Phantoms. A section designated LGB consists of a pair of aircraft one equipped with the designator the other the weapon carrying aircraft. LGB are not powered weapons and follow the same ballstic path as conventional bombs. They can be launched from either Height level 2 - 3 but the launching aircraft cannot climb in the turn it releases the weapon. They cost 8 Points for the section and an loss incurs an additional 2 VPs to account for capture of valuable equipment which will not doubt get back to the Soviet Union.

To launch the LGB the aircraft must be operating as a section. The normal bomb attack mechanisms are used. The LGB uses the following table.

Bomb AttackF-4 LGB1 234-6
Height 1
Height 2 HMM
Height 3 R H

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