Friday, 16 September 2011

MOCB - Addition Errata (unofficial)

These are some additional errata or clarifications I have harvested over the last few years.

Para 5 Making the scenery needed for the game. 
  • Page 9 delete last sentence.
Para 6.2 Villages. 
  • Add "They may be placed upon a hill if desired."
Para 6.2 Jungle. 
  • Delete last sentence and replace with "They may be placed on a hill if desired."
Para 7.3 Order of Battle of US Forces. 
  • Add to first paragraph "Company Commanders are always foot units.  They may be carried in vehicles, but a vehicle cannot fill the role of a commander."
Para 8.2 Deployment of Both Sides Forces at the Game Start
  • Change second sentence to read "These Zone markers must be......."
  • Add to end of second sentence "and board edge"
Para 9.3 Hot/Activated Zones
  • Fifth line, Change to read "..the VC player can self activate a zone if he rolls a 5,6.  He can only attempt to self activate one zone per turn."
  • Seventh line, Change to read "....activated the VC player then deploys the entire contents of that zone."
  • First line, Page 17, add to last sentence "counting as ambushing."
Para 9.4 Ambushing
  • Add to last sentence.  "If the VC self activated the zone, the US player cannot prevent the ambush."
Para 11 VC Cards
  • Second paragraph, first sentence change to  ".....US player has called for support but before..."
Para 12.2, Roads, Page 22. 
  • add to end of last sentence " and rolled the appropriated D6."
Page Para 13.2 Weapons and their capabilities.  Page 24.
  • RPG/LAW/Bazooka.  Add after last sentence "They may fire at helicopters."
  • add a new entry for Helicopter gunships.
    • Gunships fire twice as a HMG but at Tank ranges.
  • Arcs of fire.  Add after second bullet "except that"
Para 14.2 Page 29.
  • Add the following to the end of the sentence describing the die roll effects. "If all of one type of stand is killed, all additonal KIA results are applied, at random, to the remaining types in the zone."
Para 18. Interrogation
  • Add to the +1 modifier "or Australian."
  • Change the 2= result to "No result, peasant group removed."

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