Friday, 16 September 2011

MOCB - Terrain Density

As with a lot of games it is important to ensure that the battlefield provides a challenge for the players as well as the enemy.  In MOCB it is important to get the correct "feel" of the areas likely to be fought over.  I drew these two schematics back in 2002 when my interest in MOCB was rekindled to help explain the concept.  Now I have dusted off MOCB from the shelf, they may be of use to other MOCB players in getting a feel for the terrain density.  My own terrain consists of simple felt outlines onto which trees etc are placed.  We are going to play on Sunday afternoon (once Sunday dinner is over) so some in game shots will follow later.

Lowlands representation (Mekong Delta)

 Farmland found in multiple regions of Southern Vietnam

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