Thursday, 13 September 2012

WWII - 1940 (Part 1)

This is a diversion from my normal jet age games. My good lady dropped hints that I had better sort out the spare room which included the large pile of 1/600th aircraft. A smallish group of this pile was a Luftwaffe Starter Pack I picked up from TD a long, long time ago. I fancy something a bit different from the Arab Israeli and Vietnam conflicts, and I don't have ground forces in this scale to complement of use the aircraft as air support. The game Idea I want to pursue is a two player game, one as the RAF Fighter controller scrambling forces to meet the Luftwaffe raids, the other as the Raid Planner. Don't know too much about the subject so here goes nothing.


The RAF Battle of Britain 1940 force mix isn't onerous for a collection. The counter mix is shown below which will provide a break down for the models I MIGHT decide to collect. I have a reasonable inroad into the Luftwaffe Forces from the TD Starter pack (9 Do-17's, 3 He-111, 3 Ju-88, 4 Ju-87, 6 Me-109, 4 Me-110) so don't need much and you only need all these models to account for your forces. Actual raids are a lot less.

The RAF don't need that much either. Spitfire and Hurricane packs will rapidly add aircraft to the table if required.

14 He-111 (Zero replacements)
10 Do-17Z (of which 1 is a replacement Gruppe)
16 Ju-88 (of which 5 are replacement Gruppen)
9 Ju-87 (Zero replacements)
25 Me-109 (of which 1 is a replacement Gruppe)
10 Me-110 (Zero replacements)


17 Spitfires (of which 6 are replacement squadrons)
25 Hurricanes (of which 6 are replacement squadrons)
5 Blenheims (Zero replacements)


No Idea (but I have an inkling) - I have a copy of "RAF - Battle of Britain 1940" on order. From the reviews on BGG I will either run this as Eagle or the Two Player game. Don't think that playing this just as the RAF is going to convert to a convention format.

From the relatively simple graphics on BGG that I have seen, the table will be really EASY to do which means I might get a custom mat from Eric Hotz made up. Now I have opened the box the map is a bit more complex and will need to think about this. Maybe it is just a step too far for this one but the temptation is SO great.

Tally Ho!

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