Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tau Commander

Bored on holiday with the Kids sent me rummaging through my spares box.  Reading an article by a Aussie gamer sent me on a shameless copy of his camouflage scheme, and reaching for the craft knife and saw

Started off by carving off the block of plastic that sites behind the head on a standard XV-8 suite and then shaving down the circular element of the back.  Added the Jet pack from the XV-25 Stealth suit as a sort of Vectored Thrusters idea and also to give me some more room for a different head.

The head had a target lock added to the front and a multi-tracker antenna added.  The side antenna came from the Stealth suit.

I added another target lock to the front torso as well as a stealth suit arm.  The Stealth suit body (from the left over piece from the jet pack was then slipped over the original XV-8 body (the slot for the faceplate fits nicely around the rear intakes.

I went for a more blue optics using Scaly green (out of production a long long time ago).  The MP had black missiles and all I did was add silver dot and silver underline to give the missiles a "glass" type effect.

 Simple base.  The rear foot has a paper clip inserted into a hold drilled through the foot and then superglued into place
Added more weapons than are allowable but I wanted a more substantial model for my commander.

Painting wise, Black Undercoat using a GW Spray Can.  Heavy dry brush of Vallejo Black Grey.  50/50 Codex/Fortress Grey for the camouflage detail and then the Vallejo and 50/50 mix for the camouflage dots.  Light dry brush using the 50/50 mix to finish and then dullcote lacquer and then redo the Gold panels and antenna tips to bring the shine back.

I have just done a stealth team and a pair of Broadsides in the same scheme but haven't taken any photos yet

Friday, 12 October 2012

Group Build: - Communication - E-2C Part 1

Ummmm.  As I joined the Guild to get info on BG Kursk I was only vaguely aware of the other activities that appear in this illustrious organisation.  I am intrigued by the "Communication" group build announced.

I am thinking of an AEW aircraft as my theme, in 1/600th.  Probably something US Navy based purely for the aircraft art work.  Current thinking would be a "screwtops" aircraft.

Screwtops E-2C from USS Enterprise
The line drawing by Marcin ZieliƄski gives me some ideas of where to improve the Tumbling Dice model.  The Forward Fuselage seems to be a little short but will see as we go.
Markings and Colours
Decals needed.
MODEX 603 Forward Fuselage left and Right
MODEX 603 Top Wing
BuNo 5298 Tail left and Right
USS ENTERPRISE Fuselage left and Right
NAVY Fuselage left and Right
AB Top Wing
AB Tail Left and Right
Rescue in Yellow Left and right
Red Blade warning line
"T" Shape top of wing
National Insignia Top Wing
National Insignia Fuselage Left and Right
Colours seem to be a gloss scheme which might mean being able to leave the model with the top varnish coat or a satin rather than a dullcote finish
Bare Metal
Cleaning up thinning down the metal will be over the weekend

Friday, 5 October 2012

Postman delivers

After receiving an email notification that my Plastic Soldier Company order had shipped I was worried said package would arrive when the DCOS was at home and some interesting questions would be asked. 

Tuesday came and went and nothing had shown and with a late start on Wednesday there was a good chance of interception.  Nothing.  Thursday was a long day away and I arrived home expecting a grilling.  Still nothing.  I was beginning to despair and ask questions of PSC delivery methods. 

Friday morning working from home I happened to discover a pile of letters that the Dog Walker had kindly picked up out of the hall and put somewhere safe.  A Royal Mail Red notice!  from days ago....Salvation.  I could nip off to the Post Office later and retrieve and sneak the package into the Garage under the nose of the DCOS.

So three packs of vehicles: Sdkfz 251/1, T-34 and PZ IV; Now waiting for this afternoon to be glued together and sprayed before being hidden in the painting box....I have had those for ages darling, just thought it would be nice to do some painting ;)

Moral:  Trust PSC, Check the post yourself, work from home more often