Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tau Commander

Bored on holiday with the Kids sent me rummaging through my spares box.  Reading an article by a Aussie gamer sent me on a shameless copy of his camouflage scheme, and reaching for the craft knife and saw

Started off by carving off the block of plastic that sites behind the head on a standard XV-8 suite and then shaving down the circular element of the back.  Added the Jet pack from the XV-25 Stealth suit as a sort of Vectored Thrusters idea and also to give me some more room for a different head.

The head had a target lock added to the front and a multi-tracker antenna added.  The side antenna came from the Stealth suit.

I added another target lock to the front torso as well as a stealth suit arm.  The Stealth suit body (from the left over piece from the jet pack was then slipped over the original XV-8 body (the slot for the faceplate fits nicely around the rear intakes.

I went for a more blue optics using Scaly green (out of production a long long time ago).  The MP had black missiles and all I did was add silver dot and silver underline to give the missiles a "glass" type effect.

 Simple base.  The rear foot has a paper clip inserted into a hold drilled through the foot and then superglued into place
Added more weapons than are allowable but I wanted a more substantial model for my commander.

Painting wise, Black Undercoat using a GW Spray Can.  Heavy dry brush of Vallejo Black Grey.  50/50 Codex/Fortress Grey for the camouflage detail and then the Vallejo and 50/50 mix for the camouflage dots.  Light dry brush using the 50/50 mix to finish and then dullcote lacquer and then redo the Gold panels and antenna tips to bring the shine back.

I have just done a stealth team and a pair of Broadsides in the same scheme but haven't taken any photos yet

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