Saturday, 17 November 2012

WOTR - Best Laid Plans (Part 4)

So...I picked up my order from the nice people at PP and went looking around the rest of Warfare at Reading.  Discussion with the nice people at the Lance and Longbow Society and another 14 packs of figures have just been added to the unpainted pile adding somewhere between 52 and 112 figures making 130+ figures to do.  Luckily, however, most these are for new commanders and Captains and can gradually be added over time and wont stop us actually getting some games in.

Just spent the last hour or so going through the Heraldic Flags I found in the box. I have 85 flags for Peers and a set of 11 which are all annotated KG (assumed to be Knights Companion).

As I am new to this from a historical perpective I haven't sorted out factions or anything yet but the twin flags and new Command bases mean I have some scope for painting livery and heraldic schemes on a couple of figures to liven things up.

The ten (reduced the number by swopping out a spare base that needed touching up) new bases are prepared and undercoated. I will see what I can get upto on Sunday.

Which was a grand result of nothing all I managed was to get them all the remaining figures based and undercoated.

 So 130 figures in the airing cupboard drying out after having the bases base colour applied.  Unlikely to get any painting done tonight (apart from two bases which I found partially completed which "just" need livery and a wash and then they can join the extra pool.

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  1. Really enjoying your blog Simon. Nice to see someone else enjoying Peter Pig rules.