Friday, 9 November 2012

WOTR - Clucking Bell (or Quick Painting Part 2)

So......On looking inside you find....

Not a completely painted and based unit for either side; the requirement for 21 additional archers, 27 foot troops and 6 command figures just to complete seven "normal" units for each side. 

Second order problems are there are only enough household troops for a 7 base unit per side and the Cavalry are similar with enough for a single unit.

How to recover.  The plan needs to be tested and adjusted as obviously the last time I did any work on these I had some sort of plan which is why units don't seem to have been finished off.  So the undercoated figures need to be allocated to the correct slot in each unit and then painted in the correct livery.  I am also down to 8 base units and not ten as well which is probably where the problem stemmed from.

A quick move around means that I have all the figures for 6 units of one side and that is the plan for tonight and tomorrow day time.  Get one side "mostly" finished.  Aim is for what is in the box to be completely painted and based including flock.

This will mean 13 bases to be painted and 45 (including the 13) needing to be based and flocked

Photos to follow later...if I get time

Okay, finished (at a gaming standard) 6 units this morning while degunking the dining table.  The new figures do stand out; while talking to my other half last night I found out that the last time I did any painting on these was during the Beijing Olympics.  Oh well doesn't time fly.

First block of 3 Units

Second block of 3 Units

Oblique shot from the right

and from the left

By my reckoning I need two packs of household troops to swap in and that is the First St Albans Yorkist done.

The other army needs 30 figures (15 archers and 15 foot troops) to complete 6 units.  That is my current plan and hopefully pick up the necessary figures at Warfare at Reading next saturday


  1. !!!! How many!!!? :-D That´s a pretty amazing set of figs there.

    1. This is the equivalent of 6 smallish units for Bloody Barons (8 base units). Add in 3 Generals, Body guards etc and probably two Household units (another 8 bases each). Takes me to nearly 200 figures a side.

  2. Some great looking figures, lets hope you get the rest of the figures finished before the next Olympics!