Monday, 19 November 2012

WOTR - Forces for Historical Scenarios (Part 5)

The Bloody Barons rule book also includes the details necessary to refight the historical engagements of the War of the Roses.

My quick count up means that if I wanted to be able to provide enough forces for each side the maximum I would need would be somewhere between 11 and 23 units (8 bases on average) and upto 7 units of Cavalry.

Now that is a lot of troops and I am not going down that route, just yet.  It does mean however that my modest forces can only be used for everything except Towton and Tewkesbury or where there is a large contingent of Cavalry.

What it does mean however is that I have decided on at least one of the Generals (or his family at least).  The Beaufort family will be one of my staple generals and two units will bear his livery which is simple Blue and White.

A spare Archer and Retinue Foot base from the spares pile have been added and it means that I can now look at a lesser lord for the Captain.  More to follow as usual

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