Friday, 16 November 2012

WOTR - Re-Org (Part 3)

The impetus to finish off the odd units etc has continued and I have now completed all of the core units (that I had).  This has meant that I have continued to develop the themes from Part 1 and 2.  Come up with a standard, document it and then follow it.

From the list below

Current WOTR Collection
2 "Royal" Generals (one on foot, one mounted)Mounted unpainted
3 Foot Generals
2 Mounted Generals 2 Unpainted
9 Bases of Bodyguards 5 Old Pattern
2 Mounted Retinue Captains 1 unpainted
6 Bases of Mounted Retinue 4 unpainted
2 Household Captains
6 Retinue Captains
6 Levy Captains
45 Bases of Longbowmen 3 unpainted
35 Bases of Foot Troops 4 unpainted
12 Bases of Household Troops 10 Old Pattern
 5 Bases of Crossbowmen
 2 Guns2 Unpainted
 17 Casualty Markers4 Unpainted
8 Disordered Markers
7 Extra Arrow Markers

I have now organised the following completely painted and based units:

Army A - Core 6 Units
3 Bases of Retinue Captains
3 Bases of Levy Captains
24 Bases of Archers
18 Bases of Foot Troops

Army B - Core 6 Units
3 Bases of Retinue Captains
3 Bases of Levy Captains
18 Bases of Archers (6 more on order - 18 Figs)
13 Bases of Foot Troops (5 more on order - 15 Figs)

Which leaves as a central pool:
12 Bases of Household foot troops
3 Bases of Archers
4 Bases of Foot Troops
5 Bases of Crossbowmen
9 Bases of Bodyguards
6 Bases of Retinue Cavalry
2 Bases of Retinue Captains
7 Bases of Generals both mounted and on foot.

And on order to go into the pool
5 Bases of Household foot troops
2 Bases of Household Captains
4 Bases of Generals on Foot

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