Sunday, 16 December 2012

Great War - Eastern Front Cavalry

As the Eastern Front Cavalry operations were the spark that set this particular fire off running I thought it was about time they had some more attention.

First up are a couple of new German bases.  The one on the left is a standard Uhlan base which will just be added to the pile of cavalry being painted up to give me the 1st Cavalry Division for some early 1914 games.  In the middle is my Cavalry Brigade command stand for GWSH and on the right is a WIP for the dismounted cavalry that both SB and GWSH can use.  These will go on to fill up 1st Kavallerie Divisionen which is now in the painting queue.

From a slightly different angle
 And the other side

The Russian Brigade HQ being worked up


  1. Hi!
    We also play this period in this scale in our club, and it's a pleasure to look at such wonderful minis, you did a great work, painting and basing!

  2. Hi, fine painting in that scale and sharp photos...I`ll stick with 28mm

  3. How did you get the dismounted figures? Was it just a case of headswaps or can you get dismounted Ulahn? Looking great!

  4. The dismounted figs are from the FPW skirmishers pack and iirc the picklehaube artillery crew I gave up trying headswops at this scale

  5. Being a bit of a noob here. Whats FPW? Pendraken also or another company?

    1. No probs FPW = Franco Prussian War. These are also made by Pendraken