Sunday, 23 December 2012

Great War - Square Bashing - Stormtroopers

Square Bashings (and GWSH) permit the use of Stormtroops for several nationalies.  SB allows for complete battalions which reflects the attached comanies in the overall performance.  GWSH on the other hand allows the direct modelling of the Companies as independant units.  Either way the latest addtions to the Western Front are two Battalions, with complimentary Half Bases and Casualty figures

The Half Bases are the Casualty step removal element for SB

The battalions as they will be fielded

SB also allows the 1918 German list to field two Flamenwerfer bases.


  1. Really excellent, Simon. I painted a heap of these a couple of years ago, but yours are better by a million miles. I'm really impressed in the detail you brought out on the figures. Well done indeed - very impressed!

  2. Sidney, thank you very much. You have provided a great deal of inspiration with your excellent terrain and figures.