Wednesday, 2 January 2013

BG Kursk - Peter Pig Tiger 1

The Peter Pig Tiger 1 has a certain presence about it.  I have had this one in my collection since the model came out.  It has had a touch up with the paint and some decals for a vehicle belonging to 13. Kompanie of 1 SS Panzer Regiment.

From a historical perpective I don't know if the 1312 should be a Red Number outlined in white.  The small 12 should be a white outline but I couldn't find one in my spares box so used a Me-109 fuselage number instead.  I also an not sure about the number on the side as I think it probably should be Black outline .

The camo isn't historical for Kursk either but is left over from a very early airbrush session.  I am so tempted to add another one of these and take a bit of time over it.

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