Saturday, 26 January 2013

Nightfighter - AAR - Scenario 4j Black Widow

This is probably a good introductory scenario on how to use Search Radar and AI in harmony.  The Strength is that it is easy to win and plays very quickly.  The downside is that with only one G4M there is little the umpire can do against the SCR-720A radar on the P-61.  I would play this with 3 G4M in the future and have the Victory set at shooting down all 3 aircraft which bumps up the difficulty somewhat.  But the P-61 is awesome in this scenario Speed of 5 and an 8 Hex range search radar with a 180 degree search arc.

I suppose the other way of playing this one would be to take the later MEW scenario and replace the MEW with the SCR-720.  Still needs to be lots of targets to make the P-61 work hard to get as many kills as possible.  The other alternative would be to set a turn limit.

Game markers needed.  I didn't need the track markers which I tend to use to remind me where I found or think things are.

The SCR-720 Radar Search indicates the target is off to the left

In front or slightly to the left

Contact on Turn 3

The Range 8 AI confirms the presence of "something" which as I know there is only one bomber and it is a G4M that will be it then.

Speed 5 is unbeatable and the P-61 is brought round 180 degrees to maintain the AI Fix.  The SCR-720 just keeps the contact confirmed.  Not really much use for it as I am not going to lose the G4M with the AI

The game being set in the Pacific resulted in Good visibility.  So closed to one hex to visual ID the target and set up the firing solution

5D6 rolled and the Betty appears on a 4.

Maintain the Tally and move in to engage.  No response from the Betty and a 2D6 roll of 11 with +5 for Firepower gives me enough for 4 hits which is enough to splash the Betty.

Post Kill, Pilot was a bit rash and nearly collided with the debris.  A roll of 3 however enabled a split S and away to resume the patrol.

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