Friday, 4 January 2013

Nightfighter - GMT Games Conversion (Part 1)

Nightfighter Page covers the main topic of my next divergence

I had put off purchasing Nightfighter for a while while sorting out other projects.  However I have now taken the plunge and ordered some new 1/600th Aircraft.  I figure that I only need one painted attacker model per Defender as you can only attack if you have a Tally (insert other nations equivalent as needed) with other models being essentially markers indicating possible contacts.

The game itself has a learning sequence which is flexible to allow me to get to Scenario 3 and pit 3 Wellingtons from 301 (Pomeranian) Squadron against a JU-88C-2 from I/NJG 2 in the spring of 1941, reasonably quickly.  As a variant I can also use 3 Stirling Mk III (not to sure about the Mk III though as I didn't think it was in service but as I can't differentiate I will paint one up as a 7 Squadron aircraft) to try out both variants (Speed and a Viermot).

I have a pack of four Wellingtons on order from Doms Decals (along with the decals :)) plus a pack of  three JU-88 which can be painted up and modelled for different years/options.

The first one will be R4+FH in an all over black scheme (so will be Black Grey to give it some life) with a white tail band.  The nose needs to be sanded smooth as well.

The 301 Sqn Wellington 1c will be H GR or left blank depending on how I get on with the lettering.  Type B and C1 decals in 1/600th and 1/300th have been ordered to give me a degree of flexibility in detailing the particular aircraft.  The 7 Sqn Stirling will be MG F

The rest of the wellingtons and Stirlings will be all over black to represent "Fix" aircraft as the game progresses (or my painting speed increases).

In terms of a game map I have my trusty european fields hex mat with 2" hexes to start with and we have a choice of either playing 1 on 1 using the standard rules or using the Solitaire rules.

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