Friday, 4 January 2013

NIghtfighter - Luftwaffe Bf 110-C4

First up is a Bf 110-C4 for II/NJG1 late 1940 early 1941.  I have taken this aircraft as the first of the RLM22 aircraft that I am looking at producing.

This is a straight paint job on the TD 110 Model.  Black Undercoat, followed by a 1:1 Black Grey and Black block paint on the panels and then a final Black Grey on the edges.  The tail stripe was painted using the GW Base and Layer paints to get a reasonable coverage over the black.

Decals are from Doms Decals.  The white strip on the rear stabilizer is from a QRF Decal as my hand isn't steady enough.

For the canopy I used my standard GW Shadow Grey/Fenris Grey and then a light grey dry brush

I haven't looked at the aircraft lettering yet as that requires a light coloured decal which I have problems printing on Clear paper. Fallback will be to use the white decal paper with a black background and then touch up with black paint afterwards.  (Note to self this might be the solution for the RAF Markings on the Bombers when working with the red squadron codes).

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