Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Nightfighter - Next Steps

With the progress on the core elements of Nightfighter progressing reasonable well it would be time to add a couple more aircraft into the painting mix

  • ISA282 Grumman F6F Hellcat.  Another pack where I want two models out of the six.  The remaining four will join the Pacifc.
  • ISA261 F4U1 Corsair.  From the six in the pack I want two to have a radome added to the Starboard wing for the radar housing.  The rest.....Pacific it is then.
  • ISA248 Curtiss Tomahawk.  I am tempted to branch into a bit of Pacific warfare if not these will go to the Mediterranean.
  • ISA260A P-38J.  For some reason I ordered these on a whim.  They are the late war variant but in 1/600th I can probably get away with some artistic licence.  Not sure why but I do like aircraft with twin booms.
  • ISA827 F7F Tigercat. Another pack where I only want one model.  The rest will go to the spares box unfortunately.
  • ISA144 He111H-3.  Seems a pity to use these as straight black decoys.  As I have some unloved Do17 which could do to stand in for markers, I think these will go to the standard forces rather than Nighfighter games.
  • ISA141a Me109G. From the pack of 6 I want 2 for Nightfighter.  The other four will join my standard 1/600th Luftwaffe Units.
More of Doms Decals on order as well:
  • 600-US-2 which should be the 1942 Star in a Blue Circle only for early US aircraft including the P-70A.
  • 600-PO-1 Polish Markings.  I want these to go on the Beaufighter as well as some other uses possibly on the wellingtons.
  • 300-GE-10b “Other” Markings in pure white for Nightfighters
I am away working for a couple of days so lets hope the postman has these sat waiting when I get home.

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