Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nightfighter - Playing the Scenarios in Chronological Order

The rules structure and the Scenarios as written complement each other.  This means, however, that you play the games out of chronological order and you lose some of the knowledge development that occurred with Nightfighter tactics and technology.  This is a listing by Allied or Axis Players on the Sequence of games that you you should try and follow once you have a good grasp of the rules.

German Player
Scenario 21940 OctoberEurope
Scenario 2b1940 OctoberEurope
Scenario 31941 MarchEurope
Scenario 3a11941 JuneEurope
Scenario 5a1941 JuneEurope
Scenario 4c1942 JuneEurope
Scenario 41942 AugustEurope
Scenario 4e1943 MarchEurope
Scenario 4g1943 MarchEurope
Scenario 51943 AugustEurope
Scenario 61943 AugustEurope
Scenario 6c1943 AugustEurope
Scenario 6i1944 FebruaryEurope
Scenario 6p1944 JuneEurope
Scenario 10b1944 AugustEurope
Scenario 10c1944 DecemberEurope
Scenario 101945 JanuaryEurope
Scenario 10d1945 FebruaryEurope

Allied Player (Europe)
Scenario 11940 SeptemberEurope
Scenario 2a1940 SeptemberEurope
Scenario 8a1941 JanuaryEurope
Scenario 8b1941 JanuaryEurope
Scenario 4a1941 MarchEurope
Scenario 10a1942 FebruaryEurope
Scenario 4d1942 June 5/6Europe
Scenario 8c1942 JuneEurope
Scenario 8d1943 June 13/14Europe
Scenario 7a1943 JuneEurope
Scenario 71943 DecemberEurope
Scenario 81944 JanuaryEurope
Scenario 4i1944 May 12/13Europe
Scenario 8f1944 JuneEurope

Allied Player (Pacific)
Scenario 2c1942 March 4/5Pacific
Scenario 4h1943 April 19Pacific
Scenario 91944 June 27Pacific
Scenario 9a1944 June 27Pacific
Scenario 9b1944 June 27Pacific
Scenario 4j1944 DecemberPacific
Scenario 8g1945 JanuaryPacific

Japanese Player
Scenario 2d1943 MayPacific
Scenario 3b1945 MarchPacific
Scenario 4k1945 MarchPacific

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