Friday, 11 January 2013

Nightfighter - Scratchbuilding Ta-154 (Pt 1)

There isn't a 1/600th Ta-154 Moskito available and I only need one of these rare aircraft.  So a suggestion on TMP that I scratchbuild one sent me off to the spares box.  This is my record of how it went (or goes).

For a diagram I used a 3 view JPEG which I then scaled using Excel to give me approximate dimensions in 1/600th.  The model should be about 20.9mm Long with a wingspan of about 27.6mm.  Neither my eye sight or hands can get that precision so this will definitely be "That Looks About Right".

I decided to use stryrene strip and rod to make the basic frame and then use some white metal parts cut from a spare Do-17 that is in the spares box.  Give everything a good coat of CA glue to give it some rigidity and then use Militput to mould the fuselage shape.

Basic framework completed
Closer shot.  The P-61 is to show the relative size of the Ta-154

Close up (sorry about the quality)

The CA glue will be flooded on this afternoon and I might get the first miliput on this evening.


  1. A promising start. Look forward to seeing the progress.

  2. that is a clever method of scratch building, I may have to try it to make some Vickers Wellesleys and Caproni 133s