Wednesday, 13 February 2013

DT Variant - Bekaa Blues - Concept (Pt 3)

Painting and modelling on hold while I sort out some paint and more research.  I did a quick check and found the following on the whiteboard (which is where all my aircraft are stored when not actually being used during a game).

9 F-4E Painted with decals
4 Skyhawk Painted with decals
2 F-15A Painted with decals
4 Kfir C2 Painted but need decals

So taking the numbers from Part 2 and some narrative of four ship flights I am somewhat at a loss.  I have around 50+ aircraft attacking somewhere between 9 and 19 Targets. This means that the effort descended into two ship packages (say one package of each type per site).  So I either have 13 Targets to be hit (out of 19 possibles) which means I would need a shed load more aircraft! just for the first wave.  The second wave of another 40 aircraft worked over the targets to make sure everything was destroyed which equates to another 2 aircraft per site or another 20 models.  Maximum numbers then for this are:

13/9 F-4E
13/4 Kfir
10/4 A-4
10/0 Kfir

So I need
4 F4-E
19 Kfir
6 A-4

Or I break the aircraft up into a number of 2 and 4 ship flights.  The 4 ships basically are loaded for bear and can deal with a number of sites with a smaller number of 2 ships to go after each site and finish it off.  Seems reasonable.  The only saving this gives me is that I don't need anymore F-4E but still need plenty of Kfir and A-4s so doesn't save me a great deal.  Next option is to go half and half.

3 Four Ship F-4E
7 Two Ship F-4E
3 Four Ship Kfir
7 Four Ship Kfir
2 Four Ship A-4
1 Two ship A-4
2 Four Ship Kfir
1 Two ship Kfir

This cuts down the number of A-4 and Kfirs in the second wave but still has in excess of 26 aircraft over the table.  The benefit of any of this is that they don't need a raid flight path as they are all SEAD tasked aircraft so can fly however and wherever they need.

Still doesn't save me a great deal in number of models :( but the upside is that two packs of Kfirs (8 aircraft) is under £5.  The Air Superiority Eagles and Falcons reading the narrative were committed in flights of four which also helps to keep the model numbers down.

Just musing at the moment but as I have a good chunk painted already it isn't that onerous and if I keep the scheme simple on the Kfir (ie two tone) it wont take too long to get underway.  Just need February to get out of the way so I can spend the money (on more paint) ;)

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