Friday, 15 February 2013

DT Variant - Bekaa Blues - Concept (Pt 5)

Apologies for these short notes.  It is an attempt to keep track of my thoughts over the next couple of weeks.

I mentioned earlier that Mole Cricket 3 appeared in some narratives.  I found this little snippet in the 69 Squadron History accessed via wikipedia today:

"Tensions over Lebanon flared once more in 1981, and on May 29, 1981, the squadron carried out Operation Mole 9, striking Libyan SA-9 batteries protecting PLO bases near Beirut."

I also came across this little nugget of information:
"69 Squadron participated with 13 Tadmit and four follow-up free-fall bombers sent against the Syrians. The former operated individually, targeting Syrian fire control centers and radars, in all engaging seven SAM batteries." 

The Tadmit is an EOGB and takes me back to individual aircraft operations which isn't helping the model count on a small table.  The article does seem to indicate that the free-fall bombers didn't operate individually but that needs to be tested.

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