Sunday, 3 February 2013

Great War - 1916+ Brits & Shell Holes

I have been toying with an idea to spread out the lead a little while waiting for 1/600th aircraft to dry.  This was prompted by comments about my "tidy" bases when I first ventured onto the Western Front.  I have played with Barbed wire and posts etc but these are the first I have done with Shell Holes.  There are two flavours.  The first is a simple 30 x 30 base to swop one for one into each 4 stand battalion of British.  This then provides a 3 figure base as reinforcements to the next division in the Corps.  Corps oh well that will be more artillery oh well.........

The second flavour is to act as casualty markers.  I currently use single figure bases but thought about trying something else.  I copied the idea from a fellow gamer who uses 15mm and came up with the concept of shell holes and casualty figures.  I didn't have any casualty figures per se so thought about combining live figures.  The idea is that you just count the shell holes and that tells you how many casualty figures.

Took a little more time than single figures but I am content with the look of these.  (The photos have a mix of flash on and flash off.  I am struggling with my old Samsung digi at the moment and couldn't get the contract right to show the depressions)

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