Friday, 8 March 2013

DT Variant - Eagles & Falcons - Khuzestan

Khuzestan Province saw some of the heaviest air raids on 22 Sept 1980 and therefore is probably the easiest to reproduce as a wargame.

We know the following Targets were attacked:

Ahwaz Internation Airport
Ahwaz Radar Station (Dehlooran)
Abadan City
Abadan Airport
Abadan Port
Adadan Refinery
Abadan Oil Station
Aghajari Dispersal airfield
Bandar-e Mashshahr
Dezful TFB.4 Base
Dezful Radar Station (Abdanaan)
Khoramshahr City
Khoramshahr Port
Omideyh TFB.5 base
Masjed Soleiman Helicopter Base

I can assume that as all of these were attacked by 2 flights of aircraft which gives me about 90 sorties.  I think that is two many and some of the attacks were secondary activities.  I also need to add in some Combat Air Patrols supporting the attacks.  I can also have a good mix of MiG-23, Su-20 and MiG-21 aircraft involved.
So IrAF order of battle has the following aircraft

3 Flights CAP {2} (2 MiG-21 and 1 MiG-23)
4 {3} Flights MiG-23BN Bombing
6 {3} Flights Su-20 Bombing

The IRIAF has two major airbases which can generate 3 flights of 2 CAP to disrupt the incoming raids.

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