Monday, 1 April 2013

I have no idea what I am doing....(Part 1)

The AWI figures aren't going as fast as I had expected. Preparation isn't my strong point so I ran out of bases after doing the first unit. I also couldn't make my mind up about the undercoat. I started off with white, then switched to black and have now gone back to white.  My eyesight can't pick out the detail on black and my hands shake when trying to keep neat on the white.  But the American Militia, in hunting shirts, have come up really well using white so I think all future units will go that way.


I have finished two units of British to a rudimentary standard that will need reworking in a month or so not a real problem as it is the converged Grenadiers so can always try something without changing the feel of the rest of the army. 

The first Americans took a while to get going, again, one of preparation slowing things up. I have chosen, after testing, a four colour palette of buff (dark sand), green, brown and grey . This enabled me to add a militia unit quite quickly keeping it quite unique.  I have thrown in a couple of uniformed figures with some artistic license.

I have had to order a uniform guide though as this is one period where I have absoluted no reference material to work from.

Basing will keep a middle road between British Grenadier and Washington's Army.  I haven't added any cavalry units yet so they will either go on  a 30 x 30 or a 30 x 40 but will wait until I have a couple of brigades painted up:
  • 30 x 30mm for infantry bases with 4 figs per base.
  • 40 x 40mm for CinC and artillery
  • 30 x 40mm for Brigade Commanders
  • 40 x 15mm for good quality skirmishers
  • 60 x 15mm for Poor quality skirmisher (this might change and drop to a 50mm frontage but not yet decided).

For the painting record I have used the following

  • Scarlet (British Uniforms)
  • Violet Brown (good warm green colour for Hunting Shirts)
  • Flat Brown (Hunting shirts)
  • Intermediate Blue (Hunting Shirts)
  • Flat Yellow (Facing colour)
  • Dark Sand (General buff/leather colour)
  • Beige Brown (Bases)
Games Workshop
  • White Scar Layer (Turn backs and breeches)
  • Vermin Brown (Knapsacks)
  • Bestial Brown (Wooden Items)
  • Chaos Black (Hats, Shoes, Cartridge boxes)
  • Agrax Earthshade (Wash on Hunting Shirts)
  • Nuln Oil (Wash on anything uniform)
  • Tallarn Flesh (Face and Hands)
  • Chainmail (Bayonets)


  1. They look good to me. I keep trying to avoid diving into this period!