Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nightfighter Scenario Special Rules

The mechanics in Nightfighter are very slick. The Scenarios are written to enable you to learn the game in a programmed manner. This does have a slightly negative effect on replayability. The system is flexible for you to add or remove rules or there effects.

There are some other subtle changes to the rules as written I am tempted to try out. For example,
I have also been thinking of the Tally phase and would rather than have the aircraft appear where you want it randomise its placement using a simple D6 (it would be behind you so either lef, ahead, right, further ahead or where you expected it. Left and right have two options as well.  Gives you something to chase with a fleeting glimpse in the moonlight.

The mechanism in Scenarion 6 for adding variants is very good and is has small bidding element. The umpire choosing first to select something. As such I think something similar could be applied to all other scenarios. What I don't know you yet is if the +/- effect of each of the suggestions is suitable. See how you get on

Scenario 7 Serrate

1 Anti-Player. On a Turn marked with an * the German NF displaces one hex using a Corkscrew manouvre towards the closest RCAF Bomber. This manouvre expends no MP. Then move the NF forward as normal.

1 Anti-Player. If a NF is attacked by the Intruder, in its next movement phase , it conducts an Emergency Evasion move (27.3.1) if permitted.

1 Anti-Player. The Poor Firing Position rules are in force.

2 Pro-Player. One NF is equipped with Experimental Neptun R2 Tail warning RADAR. The NF becomes Alerted (28.2) if the RAF Intruder enters any of the 2 hexes directly behind the NF.

1 Pro-Player. The German NF enter play randomly as if they were Intruders (27.1)

2 Pro-Player. If the RAF Intruder is in front of a German NF which has an AI Fix on it, then move the German NF as if it has Pursuit behavior (27.2.23). The NF can initiate combat in the Move Bombers phase as if it was an Intruder (27.2.4)

1 Anti-Player. Increase the number of bombers to at least 3 and I think this is something that should be done on any of the 3 bomber scenarios as the player knows what he is up agaisnt and doesn't have to keep guessing.

1 Anti-Player. Play it at low altitude which affects the AI search performance. The other way around in the time scale probably means no intercept would be made.

1 Anti-Player. The umpire only declares the height of the fix once a successful AI search has been conducted. The scenario is then continued to be played at Low Level with the P-61 having height advantage.

1 Anti-Player. Only allows the SCR-720 to search in * turns.