Sunday, 1 September 2013

USN Aircraft update

So while playing with the USAF I have strayed back to do some new USN F-4 Phantoms.

First up is a MiG killer from VF-51.  90% completed just missing the Modex numbers on the wings, which I have now added.

 Again home made decals with the exception of the Stars n Bars which are from Dom.  The Screaming Eagle took me best part of a day and I am still not completely happy with it.  I need to go back and darken the USS CORAL SEA lettering and possibly darken the red as well (as printers rely on the white of the paper for some of the colour perception the red is slightly transparent and I would like to improve that slightly.

This one from VF-151 is an early MiG killer and is used in one of the early Scenarios. I used the lettering from this one for the VF-51 bird above
This is one of the earliest aircraft I started with, and as such is the first to get a new paint job.  The decals from the original run are still good but the contrast on the new paint is an improvement.
Now working with small decals and poor eyesight can cause the odd hiccup.  Managed to not only reverse the decal but put it on upside down.
This is what it should look like a bit closer up.

While browsing I found out that Vallejo Deck Tan is a match for US Gull Grey (36640) so I have been trying out the scheme on some spare aircraft.  The two on the right are the original grey I had chosen and the difference is quite noticeable.  The colour definitely shows up better and doesn't necessarily need to be on a white surface to show through.  Definitely the way ahead.

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