Tuesday, 12 November 2013

1985 Campaign - 28th Army Inital Objectives

28th Army Operational Directive
207 MRD will secure via Defensive operations the Army Northern Flank.  The intention is to pin West German units and flanking British formations by the threat of an assault along the estimated NATO inter Corp boundary which is expected to be along the line of the E34 Autobahn.  207 MRD will be reinforced with the Army AT Battalion and an additional Engineer battalion to create strongpoints as required to prevent NATO forces North of the Mittleland Kanal from attacking into the Flank of the Army main effort.  The Divisional Artillery Group will be reinforced with one Battalion of D20 howitzers from the Army Canon Regiment with its attendant special weapon contingent.

The remaining MRD will attack on Divisional frontages (120km).  Each Division is to push a Forward detachment through the NATO defences into their rear areas as soon as possible.  These forward detachments are not to engage in an fight of attrition with NATO units but seek routes around defended locations to disrupt the enemy Rear zones and seize suitable crossings over the R Weser.
12 GTD will be follow behind the main attack and will exploit any success.  Once pushed through the main NATO defence it is to be pulled forward by the Forward Detachments across the R Weser.


  1. Do the Soviets have any air assault assets?

  2. Sorry missed your post. Yes they have the ability to generate air assault formations from MR units as well as being able to call upon the Air Assault Brigade.