Saturday, 2 November 2013

1985 Campaign - 6mm Terrain (2)

More housekeeping means finding some of the old pictures of my 6mm terrain which is used in the campaign.

Early game on in the 6mm projects life.  A 4 x 4 board at my gaming buddy's house with simple roads and terrain items.  I hadn't made any roads or rail sections at this stage

 Oblique shot of the above

From a slightly different angle

And the other side 

Forward Security Element and Main Body up against 22 Armd Bde

Early shots on the 6" x 6" BUA I shamelessly copied from Timecast since updated with a new scheme

Following a bit of scratch building on the roads and finding out that the Hornby track planning set is a perfect match in this scale.

Roadsigns, again an idea take forward from discussions with Barrie at Timecast during the Reading show.  I found a German font which meant that I could make up anything I wanted and then just print out on card.

Interim playing surface (yes it is a blanket) with some slightly reworked roads

Track planning set with a home made bridge using Plastruct

Which meant I needed a rail crossing

Roughly the amount of rail system I ended up with.

1st Ge Panzer Recce defend the railway embankment


Top View

So glad I found these pictures as I thought they were lost when I broke my old PC.  Luckily my backup regime worked. I just forgot where the backups were.

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  1. Hi Simon,
    How did you paint the railways as I have had problems with the plastic?
    Richard P