Friday, 1 November 2013

1985 Campaign - Warsaw Pact Operational Structure

First up is the relationship between HQ GSFG and the two Frontal Headquarters. The Tank and Combined Arms Armies are subordinated to the Front and not GSFG. The allocation of forces also included the incorporation of the NVA units in the Soviet Armies. For this I have split the 10 NVA divisions into two buckets with 4 MRD and 1 TD in each bucket. They are then distributed wider into the Soviet Armies. I have also taken Suvorov's statement about 28th Army HQ being assigned to one of the two fronts. This now gives me:

Northern Front (name TBC) consists of 28th Army and 2 GTA as the two Combined Armies, with 3 Shock Army as the Tank Army.

Southern Front (again name TBC) consists of 1 and 8 GTA as the Combined Armies and 20 Army as the Tank Army.

Each CAA has one TD, 2 Soviet MRDs and two NVA MRDs assigned. Each Tank Army has 3 Soviet TD and 1 NVA TD. A Soviet TD is kept in reserve for each front. Follow on forces will come from NGF with a frontal organisation based in Poland reinforced from Beloyrussia.

My campaign will see the Northern Front operate against NORTHAG. The Tank Army becomes the OMG for ops in NORTHAG rear as opposed to being a formation to lead the intial penetration. It will still feature but only if 28th Army makes the breakthrough. I have allowed a little artistic license in that my model collection is marked up for 12 GTD so I have used that as the TD for the 28th.

My plan now see my Fictious ORBAT for the 28th Army lead the way. 2 GTA will continue its operations on the Northern flank against the Germans and Dutch formations. And I can adjust as necessary.

I have also chosen to create a fictious Air Army to support the Northern Front. It takes just
What I haven't worked out yet is a way for the British and Germans to react. So back to Solo generating with some occasional Military Judgement Panel on what the situation is.

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