Tuesday, 14 January 2014

WWII - British Late War Infantry

Took the plunge and bought a pack of the new PSC 15mm Late War British Infantry.  In side the box are two sprue types, 3 of the command pack which includes Officers, Radiomen, 2" Mortar Teams and PIAT Crews; The second sprue type contains an infantry section but with two Bren Gun Teams one prone the other walking. 

They are cleanly cast and were a joy to paint up over a white undercoat.  The animation is good and the figures have some menace about them.

A couple of WIP shots while I sort out the basing

Painting Schedule for these was:

  • White Undercoat
  • Thinned Coat over the whole figure of VJ English Uniform
  • VJ Black Grey for the boots
  • VJ Russian Uniform for the webbing, slings, gaiters and and backpacks and helmets
  • Helmets were then given a wash of GW Athenian Camoshade
  • VJ Beige Brown for the wood work on the rifles and Brens
  • VJ Gunmetal
  • Wash the whole figure with GW Agrax Earthshade
I painted the same item on each figure before moving onto the next item, so I did backpacks first, then went back and did pouches, then back to webbing straps then accessories.  This way I didnt feel bogged down on one figure so I had a sense of progress.  These took about 4 evenings to complete which includes the drying time. 

I have added in some of Peter Pigs LW Brit figures as the HQ poses were a bit static for my liking.  The compliment each other quite well so will be using PP for things like Vickers and 3" Mortar teams as well as possibly some other specialist additions.

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