Thursday, 6 February 2014

Modern Naval - Update Feb 2014

Oh well something new.  As if that was not going to happen.  The messing around we did with MNB:GW a while ago left several unpainted NAVWAR 1/3000 Ships unpainted and unloved.  With all the rain over the last couple of weeks I thought about getting them painted.  

So I did and as a result ended up adding a modern Chinese Starter fleet from NAVWAR plus a Liaoning carrier; two Ticonderogas and 3 Arleigh Burke Flight IIAs.

I took the existing Sovremmeny as well which had a soviet scheme and added that to the PLAN fleet as well.

The  bases of most of the ships is now a strange 25mm x 60mm size which sort of fits my current storage. Given a base coat of the Old GW Fenris Grey, which I am now nearly out of so need to find a replacement, and then used some of the Vallejo Heavy Gel 27.591 which is a brilliant gloss.

The US Carrier has had a bit of messing around with as well with deck markings, elevators and catapults all now marked out.  I also took a file to some 1/3000 F-18s which arrived and added them to the flight deck.  Will add more over the next couple of weeks as this goes.

The Liaoning in progress with the gel just applied. Need to look at the deck markings and see what I can make up.

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