Thursday, 6 February 2014

Modern Naval - Shipwreck

Yes, something new.   With the messing around we did with MNB:GW and the small set I painted up I suppose it was inevitable that I would try to do something more with them.  I added a PLAN starter fleet from Navwar plus a Liaoning carrier for some Pacifc area action.  Not too sure if I am going to go full speed ahead with a US Navy counter but I do have a couple of Ticonderogas and Arleigh Burkes to paint up to go with the two O H Perrys from the first purchase.

I might even end up just using these with MNB:GW anyway but for now I have bought Shipwreck from Vandering Publications.  It has a good following and is in the realm of fast play.  Played it through solo last night and hit a couple of issues, but that is always the same when learning a set of rules from scratch.  The rules themselves do have a step by step run through which is very helpful but didn't cover what I ended up doing.  My bad ;)

So now have an idea that I need markers for a couple of things which will be on a 20mm x 15mm base so that 3 markers fit the snugly along the side of the base without getting in the way too much.

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