Monday, 14 April 2014

Great-War-Eastern Front updates

The very nice people over at Pendraken have been cracking out additions to their WW1 range at a prodigious rate. So I asked Pete to pick up a largish package from Salute.  This will enable me to crack on and update both the Russian and Imperial German units to Roughly Corps sized formations.  As usual now I have read what I ordered I have no idea of the rationale behind some of the numbers so was probably suffering from word blindness at the time :)


  • 1st Corps
    • 150 Infantry - Rough equivalent of 50 bases (3 figs to a base) which should give me the Infantry component for 1st Infantry Division of Francois's 1st Corps.
    • 6 Field Guns - Divisional Artillery for the 1st Infantry. 
    • 3 Howitzers - Howitzer Battalion for the 1st Infantry

    • 1st Cavalry Division
      • 30 Kuirassiers - Two regiments for the 1st and 4th Cavalry Brigades.
      • 30 Dragoons - One regiment the for 1st Cavalry Brigade, the other to use as Jager Zu Pferde for the 2nd Cavalry Brigade.
      • 90 Dismounts - Roughly 30 bases which is hopefully more than I will every need

    • Imperial Russian Army
      • 120 Infantry - Rough equivalent of 40 bases which is no where near enough for the 16 battalions needed for a second Russian division.  Get these painted up and then add the missing units.
      • 3 MGs - Enough for very early games where the MG Coy is at Regimental level
      • 15 Cavalry - Two per base in my armies so 7 bases or just over one Regiment (6 sotnia per regiment)
      • 15 Cossacks
      • 3 Field Guns - Again only half of what I need so will need more and I haven't accounted for the horse artillery for the cavalry formations yet either.
    What is still to do...
    So forgot the horse artillery and the third Field artillery Abteilung for the Germans.
    The old Uhlans will get moved into Divisional Cavalry.
    I haven't added any MG units for the Germans, For very early 1914 games that isn't a problem but will need to add more as I go forward.
    Russian Cavalry organisation needs about 24 bases per Division which is the same as the Germans. But the Germans only have 1 division in the East so will need a a few more for the Russians.
    Russian Infantry need 16 battalions per division so I will need about two more packs pretty soon.  Will see how the new marching poses fit in.

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