Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Great War - Later Period German Artillery update

Due to word blindness I clicked on "with helmets" rather than "with picklehaub". End result a pack of 77mm Guns with the wrong crew,  Oh well I thought I can always use the guns as part of later army I will just order the right pack.  This time managed to click on  2 packs of "Howitzer" rather than "Field Gun". End result the right crews for the first Field guns and one of the packs of Howitzers.  So the crew "with helmets" have now become a Howitzer battalion rather than 77mm in the front line.

As they are in helmets these will be for a later period army than my 1914 - 1915 collection. Fancied my hand at some of the more elaborate camo.  No idea if it is realistic but they were fun to paint.

Usual basing material using a mix of PVA and flexible filler.  Given a watered down coat of GW Graveyard earth which I am now on my last pot of.  GW Desert Yellow dry brush (loads of that left) and finally "burnt grass" static grass.

The go with the Stormtroopers and the A7V I did a while ago so happy that they aren't on their lonesome.