Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Modern USMC Update

I have reached the 90% mark on the AAV-7s, they are now all in NATO 3 Colour with green EAAK panels.  It means that I can use them for a couple of other ideas that I have and not just for early OIF games.

In the first picture you can see the steps I went through to add the rear antenna mounts.  As you can see from the schematic of a South Korean variant, there should be two of these on both sides but I have only modelled the one.  I have now scavenged some square plastic rod for the two square mounts which sit further forward on the hull and will get around to those as the mood takes me.

In terms of Marines, I have gone part way in getting three squads painted up.  I have done one squad in MARPAT with Coyote Brown web gear; One squad in MARPAT with Woodland body armour and green webbing and the last squad, which has been started, will have some green stuff hoods added and will be in MOPP suits.  These are just to give you an idea

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