Tuesday, 24 June 2014

WWII - BG Kursk - Scenario Work - Intro

I like playing games that have meaning, in that I mean it isn't just 1500 pts a side but a reason for the engagement and also that sometimes things just aren't fair :)

BG Kursk is no different and I want to be able to try out some different ideas

I have thought about my model collection as well and while it isn't a driver to use the models I have painted it certainly helps, so I am looking at writing up the engagements that involved the LAH and DR.

The  opening of the offensive has some events that may translate to the gaming table as well as providing some flavour for some of our more standard games.  As we keep going off and playing other things it is useful sometimes to have some smaller games which just concentrate on one element of the rules at a time to refresh elements of the rules without having to work out orders of battle and objectives etc, it is nice if someone has done that work for you.

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