Friday, 11 July 2014

1/600th Aircraft - US Navy F-4s - Part 3

Tailcodes and artwork are going to be the biggest time consumer on this project.  A quick check through the books confirmed this as the only straightforward tail codes are for VF-114 on the Kitty Hawk with a simple NH scheme and then VF-103 and VF-31 on the Saratoga with AC tail codes.  

This is what the end state will hopefully look like once I add it to the model, noting that I can't print white and the yellow and red require white to achieve the colour, so this might have to be a two or three stage decal job with the arrow first on a white background, then paint the rest of the stabilizer in Gull Gray and then add the AC codes.  I have a similar problem with the VF-31 decal (and in fact any of them that need a bright colour :)  )

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